Supporting Leaders of Tomorrow: How children from most under-resourced households of Pune have become the beacon of hope for their communities.

iTeach Schools of Pune have locked horns with the education crisis in India with a determination to “ Create a community of transformational schools, which fundamentally empower the most under-resourced children to create a destiny of their choice”. Over the years, iTeach has done tremendous work to nurture the potential of the young students who otherwise have very limited alternatives to access quality education.

With the expansion of the iTeach Schools across Pune, there has been a significant rise in the student alumni who graduate from these schools. It was often noted that students at the juncture of entering college and at the verge of graduation, faced challenges in terms of financial readiness, mentorship, academic support and employment readiness.

To address this challenge, we at Forbes Marshall (FM) supported iTeach Schools to set up The Student Alumni Wing (SAW), that ensures every student who graduates from an iTeach School, receives the academic, financial and social support that helps them make it ‘To and Through College’.

Let us hear from two iTeach alumni - Aniket and Dhananjay about their experience with SAW :

"I was appearing or the HSC (Grade 12) exams and during that time my dad expired. So, financially I was low and couldn't pay the college fees. I then accessed SAW Team's support which has helped me a lot with my studies. I accessed both CPLP  and scholarship. The team called me repeatedly, helped me with my studies and made me understand the importance of education. During exams, they used to call me up and ask each and everything regarding the exam. I prepared for the exams with the help of CPLP only. Dhammapal bhaiya used to do 1-1 counselling with me and daily asked me about the next steps - what to do next and just because of his support I'm at this stage. I hope the SAW team will keep helping me."

  • Aniket Vaidya, Batch of 2018, iTeach BJR

            BBA, HV Desai College

"My friends and I - we all were very confused between which college to select, which course to pick and which stream we should go for. Here, 3Cs counselling helped. I had a meeting with our advisor Shubham bhaiyya @lover_of_the_sahyadri where he gave me all possible options and answered all my queries. After this meeting, I was very clear about which stream and career is suitable for me."

  • Dhananjay Patel, Batch of 2018, iTeach ADH

             Bachelors in Computer Science, MMCC